• Call Data Records
    Call Data Records Import CDR files, easily convert them to unified format and conveniently analyze direct and indirect links between callers on the graph.

    Oxygen Forensic® Call Data Expert is available for free to all Analyst license users.

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  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer
    Oxygen Forensic® Viewer A perfect tool for sharing information with colleagues and coworkers, enabling easy access to evidence collected with Oxygen Forensic® Suite without additional costs for registered users
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  • Find password and extract data
    Find password and extract data Oxygen Forensics, Inc. and Passware, Inc. announce brand-new and tightly integrated combination of two award-winning forensic tools - Oxygen Forensic® Passware® Analyst
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  • Windows Phone Cloud
    Windows Phone Cloud Industry-first forensic software to extract, parse and classify every bit of user data stored in the cloud!
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  • BlackBerry 10 Forensics
    BlackBerry 10 Forensics Industry-first forensic software to decrypt and analyze the content of the BlackBerry 10 backup files!
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  • Analyze applications data
    Analyze applications data Analyze user data from 500+ supported applications: Apple Maps, Booking.com, Facebook, Instagram, Kik Messenger, Twitter, Safari, Skype, WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp, etc!
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  • Visualize Social Connections
    Visualize Social Connections Review connections between mobile device owners and their contacts, pinpoint connections between multiple device owners, and detect their common contacts
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  • Complete timeline
    Complete timeline Analyze one or several device users' activity in a single list of events: calls, messages, apps private data, photos, WiFi connections, geo locations and even more!
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  • Track device owner’s movements
    Track device owner’s movements View locations from all device sources on Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps or Google Earth and build routes from extracted coordinates to track user’s movements within specified time frame.
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  • Smartphone physical analysis
    Smartphone physical analysis Use Android Rooting Addon to get full access to Android smartphone file system and extract all the data stored in the device.
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Oxygen Forensic® Extractor

Oxygen Forensic® Extractor offers OEM system builders and hardware manufacturers a unique opportunity to integrate a time-proven forensic acquisition system to their hardware-based solution without spending years developing in-house software.

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Oxygen Forensic® Extractor for Clouds

Oxygen Forensic® Extractor for Clouds is the industry-first forensic solution that allows to acquire and save data on PC from Google account, Apple iCloud, Microsoft Live and other cloud services like Dropbox, Box and BitCasa.

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Oxygen Forensic® Suite Network

Revolutionary mobile forensic solution for organizations with multiple local or remote workstations

  • Oxygen Forensic® Suite Network (20 connections) Get Quote
  • Oxygen Forensic® Suite Network (10 connections)  Get Quote
  • Oxygen Forensic® Suite Network (5 connections)  Get Quote

Oxygen Forensic® Kit

Oxygen Forensic® Kit

Complete mobile forensic solution for field and in-lab usage

  • Rugged Tablet PC
  • 2x Oxygen Forensic® Suite (Analyst)
  • Oxygen Cable Set & Driver pack
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Devices and Cables Compatibility Guide
  • Rugged Suitcase


Oxygen Forensic® Suite

Advanced yet affordable, comprehensive yet user-friendly, smartphone-oriented yet support even plain Chinese devices forensic software

  • Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2015 Analyst Get Quote
  • Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2015 Analyst with USB Dongle Get Quote
  • Oxygen Forensic® Passware Analyst with USB Dongle Get Quote

Smart Forensics for Smart Phones

Oxygen Forensic® Suite is a forensic software for extraction and analysis of data from cell phones, smartphones and tablets. Using advanced proprietary protocols permits Oxygen Forensic® Suite to extract much more data than usually extracted and guarantees zero-footprint operation, leaving no traces and making no modifications to the device content. The software is distributed to law enforcement and government agencies, military, private investigators and other forensic specialists.

9200 Devices

Support for 9200+ devices. Strong support for all modern smartphones.

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Unique Timeline section to view all device events in a chronological order

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Social Graph

Visualize relationships inside crime groups, uncover unknown gang participants

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Geo locations

Find out places where suspect used his mobile device and build movement routes

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