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Oxygen has taken the parsing of social networking apps to a new level. This includes popular apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and those less popular ones that will shock you when you load your image file and see the glorious application data parsed for you. Now will this tool get it right every time? No, but it gets you a little bit closer. Tools should be used to triage what you need to focus your efforts on. Oxygen has been helping me see what I need to hone in on and then allows me to keep my deep dive all within the tool. Read more...

 - Heather Mahalik
Digital Forensics Professional

Please share with Oxygen company owners, directors, management and support staff. You have a wonderful, powerful, very productive, well designed product. No one software can 'do it all' or does not have technical challenges from time to time. The more I learn about and use Oxygen Detective, the more impressed I am with its technical accomplishments, ease of use, power and helpful insight to processed data. Kudos to the development staff!! And thank you.

 - Walt Sigmund
Forensic Computer Examiner