Oxygen Forensics

Case studies

Using Oxygen Forensic® Detective Ratkovich was able to recover all of the available data and determined through examination that the employee had actual drafted the text messages and sent them to himself by changing a contact ID in his phonebook and then changing it back to avoid detection. Ratkovich recovered the deleted message from the drafts folder on the device.. Case Study

 - David Ratkovich
Licensed Private Detective, Security Contractor and Law Enforcement Officer

Everyone knows that cheaters use their smartphones to contact their lovers and end-to-end encryption apps have made cheating easier. Or maybe not? Great support for applications enabled us to successfully close dozens of cases in which key information was stored in deleted Viber and WhatsApp messages. Oxygen Forensic® Detective also supports data parsing from Snapchat, Signal, Threema, WickrMe, Telegram and other encrypted messaging apps that are used not only by cheaters, but also by criminals and terrorists. Case Study

 - Miroslav Klarica
Licensed detective and ex-police officer

The investigation revealed on one tool that only 4435 outgoing messages were displayed, but using Oxygen Forensic® Detective both incoming and outgoing messages were decoded and parsed for a total of 11045 messages! Subsequently, many of the recovered messages were deleted messages; something the other tool had not located... Case Study

 - Mark Eskridge
Forensic Investigator

With the help of Oxygen Forensics Academic Training program our university was able to utilize Oxygen Forensic® Detective as the foundational software for our recently developed graduate-level mobile device forensics course. Our students raved about the outstanding capabilities to easily extract and analyze artifacts across Android and iOS devices. Case Study

 - Chris Gastardi
Capitol Technology University

Using Oxygen Forensic® Detective has offered “great success” over the past year in critical investigations. With 310+ unique applications and over 1600+ application versions supported, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, supports the critical apps today’s mobile device users use. From Whatsapp, Voxer, Telegram, TextMe, Facebook Messenger and many others, Oxygen Forensic® Detective was built to assist today’s digital investigations. Case Study

 - The Ocala Police Department