Oxygen Forensics

Case studies

The investigation revealed on one tool that only 4435 outgoing messages were displayed, but using Oxygen Forensic® Detective both incoming and outgoing messages were decoded and parsed for a total of 11045 messages! Subsequently, many of the recovered messages were deleted messages; something the other tool had not located... Case Study

 - Mark Eskridge
Forensic Investigator

With the help of Oxygen Forensics Academic Training program our university was able to utilize Oxygen Forensic® Detective as the foundational software for our recently developed graduate-level mobile device forensics course. Our students raved about the outstanding capabilities to easily extract and analyze artifacts across Android and iOS devices. Case Study

 - Chris Gastardi
Capitol Technology University

Using Oxygen Forensic® Detective has offered “great success” over the past year in critical investigations. With 310+ unique applications and over 1600+ application versions supported, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, supports the critical apps today’s mobile device users use. From Whatsapp, Voxer, Telegram, TextMe, Facebook Messenger and many others, Oxygen Forensic® Detective was built to assist today’s digital investigations. Case Study

 - The Ocala Police Department