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D.A.R.T. PROD.A.R.T. PRO with Oxygen Forensic® Extractor Description

Data Extraction AND Analysis

By combining the impressive analysis of DART with the powerful extraction ability of Oxygen Forensic® tools, we have created the most COMPLETE Cell Phone Solution Tool EVER!

Extractor Features

  • Support for over 19550 phones, including Chinese Devices
  • Android, Apple, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows 8, Windows 5/6, Chinese (MTK)
  • Seamless importing into DART for full analytics and reporting

D.A.R.T. Gets the Evidence

D.A.R.T. (Data Analysis Reporting Tool) fills in where the other tools lack, analytics.  Using the D.A.R.T. Software you can import multiple cellphone reports from your favorite cellphone extraction tools and put them into ONE CASE!

You Get the Suspect!

By using the advanced analytics tools built into D.A.R.T. You will be able to quickly analyze thousands of pages of data and turn it into intelligence you can use.

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