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The SuperImager™ line of products (SI) is high-speed portable Computer Forensic Imaging units and field analysis systems running Windows 7 Embedded OS. The units are designed to serve the field forensic investigator, and can be used as a mini lab in the field. The investigator can capture data very quickly from various devices and from many interfaces, and save the data in multiple copies and in various formats. The units also designed to serve as a platform that enables investigator to run third-party applications.  

Investigator can preview "Suspect" hard disk drive, run Triage application or quick a keyword searches to find incriminating words, seize data from a cell phone, and run Encase or FTK for a quick analysis on the captured data. 

Our units also support the latest technologies from 6Gbit/s on SAS/SATA ports to USB 3.0 ports. Hash and Drive Erase are the fastest modes of operation and the speed that was recorded running SSD drives was over 31GB/min.  

In one pass of Forensic Imaging on the "Suspect" hard disk drive, a multiple operations can be performed: E01 compressed (3% speed reduction), 3 HASH value(MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2),  Encrypt(AES-256), and a Keyword Search. 

A recent test report, performed by an independent group (Tested mostly with SATA hard disk drives), shows that the time it takes to complete 2 parallel Forensic Imaging operation with the SI units is the same time it takes other products to complete one Forensic Imaging. That makes the SI unit a very cost effective and affordable solution.  

Network capture can be accomplished by using iSCSI protocols. Also VPN can be set at no cost, to access multiple SI units connected across the network. 

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