Oxygen Forensics


Using Oxygen Forensic® Detective has offered “great success” over the past year in critical investigations. With 310+ unique applications and over 1600+ application versions supported, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, supports the critical apps today’s mobile device users use. From Whatsapp, Voxer, Telegram, TextMe, Facebook Messenger and many others, Oxygen Forensic® Detective was built to assist today’s digital investigations. Case Study

 - The Ocala Police Department

Please share with Oxygen company owners, directors, management and support staff. You have a wonderful, powerful, very productive, well designed product. No one software can 'do it all' or does not have technical challenges from time to time. The more I learn about and use Oxygen Detective, the more impressed I am with its technical accomplishments, ease of use, power and helpful insight to processed data. Kudos to the development staff!! And thank you.

 - Walt Sigmund
Forensic Computer Examiner