Oxygen Forensics

Recently, I was asked to try to extract data from a phone that had been submerged in a lake for a month and a half. The device was key evidence in a murder case and had been disposed of by the suspect. The phone had been inside of an Otterbox Defender case and there were clear indications that the circuit board and other parts had been in contact with lake water at some point. I dried the phone out for three days in a drying cabinet in the laboratory and then placed it in a one gallon paint can filled with rice for another three days. After that, I removed all of the screws from the back of the device and sprayed the circuit board with electronics cleaner and used a soft brush to scrub away the sediment. I let the phone air dry for an hour and then placed a lab stock battery in it as the original one had shorted out upon contact with the lake water. The phone turned on and worked like it was brand new. After using a competitor's device to try to extract data from it, I was disappointed in the evidence collected so I put Oxygen to work and it extracted a full data set including text messages and other items that helped solidify the case against the suspect. Oxygen collected FAR more data from the device than the competitor and I will use it more often to examine mobile devices.

 -Tim Slusher, C.C.S.I.
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office