July 23, 2019 - - DFIR innovations built into Oxygen Forensic JetEngine!

Basic Information

Date: July 23, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM ET
Duration: 45 Min
Presenter: Lee Reiber
Lee Reiber

Come see the unmatched innovations built into Oxygen Forensic Jet Engine!

JetEngine is a powerful 64-bit forensic utility built into Oxygen Forensic Detective that allows investigators to quickly parse large volumes of data and leverage advanced analytical tools to quickly uncover valuable digital evidence.  JetEngine delivers parsing and decoding of the data 3 times faster than other solutions to support massive data sets from mobile devices, backups, cloud services, and drones. It also offers a new multi-tab user interface making it easy to compare several extractions simultaneously.

This month Oxygen Forensics will include a ground shaking feature in JetEngine; the ability for investigators to categorize human faces using the built-in facial recognition technology.

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