Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensic® Detective extracts current and deleted SIM card data

Oxygen Forensics releases a major update to its flagship forensic software, Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.9.1.1. With this version you can extract actual and deleted contacts, calls, messages and other available data from SIM cards via card reader. The updated Oxygen Forensic® Detective now displays the detailed Wi-Fi history of Google Mobile Services from Android devices.


Oxygen Forensic® Detective finds iCloud token on computer and extracts Photo Stream

Oxygen Forensics releases a new version of Oxygen Forensic® Detective. Version 9.1 allows to extract the iCloud token from the subject’s computer and use it to get immediate access to iCloud data. We’ve also introduced support for 2-factor authentication for Google-based cloud services. The updated Oxygen Forensic® Detective acquires data from iCloud Photo Stream and VKontakte social network. In the new version forensic experts can decrypt Samsung physical dumps made via custom forensic recovery method.


Oxygen Forensic® Detective supports passcode brute force for Windows Phone devices

Oxygen Forensics releases a maintenance version of Oxygen Forensic® Detective. Version 9.0.3 allows to brute force a passcode for any Windows Phone 8 device from its physical dump. The found passcode is displayed in the Device information section and in the data report. The updated Oxygen Forensic® Detective introduces the new Media section that allows to get a quick access to the extracted media files directly from the program Desktop.