Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014 version 6.0.1 extracts data from password protected Android backups

Oxygen Forensics, Inc. updates its flagship mobile forensic product, Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014, to version 6.0.1, introducing data extraction from password-protected Android backup files, including encrypted Android v4.2.2 images. New version integrates  OpenStreetMap, adds support for Nike+ Running, Pinterest, ooVoo and more than 290 applications. Total number of supported devices is more than 7600 now!

All registered customers may download the new version immediately from their personal customer area.

New in Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014 v.6.0.1:

  • Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Added ability to find passwords for Android backups using Passware Kit Forensic software. Passware Kit Forensic software must be installed on a PC with Oxygen Forensic® Suite.
  • Applications, File Browser, Timeline, Web Connections. Added support for OpenStreetMap. Now left-clicking on geo coordinates offers to open location on OpenStreetMap. 
  • Timeline. Added opportunity to receive addresses according to geo coordinates via OpenStreetMap Nominatim service. 
  • Added opportunity to import encrypted Android 4.4.x images.
  • Added rooting support for Kindle HDX 7" and Kindle HDX 8.9" Android devices. 
  • Added support for 100+ new Android OS devices: Kindle Fire HDX 7", Kindle Fire HDX 7" LTE, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" WiFi, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900A), Samsung Galaxy Express GoPhone (SGH-I437P), Sony Mobile Walkman NW-ZX1, Sony Mobile Xperia A (SO-04E), etc.
  • Added support for iOS 7.0.5. 
  • Added support for iTunes 11.1.4.
  • Applications. Fitness. Added data parsing from Nike+ Running (4.4) for Apple iOS devices and Nike+ Running  (1.3.2) for Android OS devices.
  • Applications. Social Networks. Added data parsing from Pinterest (3.3.2) for Apple iOS devices and Pinterest (2.0.3) for Android OS devices.
  • Applications. Messengers. Added data parsing from ooVoo (2.0.10) for Apple iOS devices and ooVoo (2.0.4) for Android OS devices.
  • Applications. Messengers. Added data parsing from SMS Centr (2.6) for Apple iOS devices.
  • Applications. Social Networks. Updated support for Google + (4.6.1) for Apple iOS devices and Google + (4.1.2) for Android OS devices.
  • Aggregated Contacts, Links & Stats. Added a recycle bin icon to identify deleted data in Communications list. 
  • Timeline. Added Color settings button. It opens the detailed description of column colors in the program. 
  • Timeline. Now data in Remote data filter is divided into several groups for convenience: Owner, Name, Email, Group, Other. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Revised selective reading options. Now you can select what data to extract according to the filters in File Browser section: Images, Audio, Database files or even saved custom filter. 
  • General. Revised method of opening a map according to geo coordinates. Now after clicking a menu of several options is shown - Open with Google Map or OpenStreetMap. 
  • General. Optimized procedure of deleting cache files while exiting the program after the device was deleted.
  • General. Simplified logging procedure. Now all the log files are automatically stored in My Documents folder on PC. 

Stay tuned to smartphone forensics! Stay tuned to success with Oxygen Forensics, Inc!