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Updated Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 v.4.3.1 Introduces Geo Timeline, Recovers Deleted Calls and Messages and improves Amazon Kindle Support

Oxygen Software updates Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 today. The newly introduced GEO Data bookmark enhances the Timeline section by presenting suspect’s activities accompanied with geolocation information in a single view. The latest release of Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 introduces the ability to recover information about calls and messages deleted by the phone owner by analyzing raw data available in Event Log and Messages sections. The new feature provides investigators with side by side access to actual and deleted mobile and FaceTime calls, SMS and MMS messages, emails and iMessages. Finally, the updated version of Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 provides enhanced support Amazon Kindle Fire applications analysis and Passwords section for Android devices.

All registered customers may download the new version immediately from their personal customer area.
New in Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 v.4.3.1:
  • Added support for Passwords for AndroidOS devices. It allows to view the passwords saved in the device. Available in Analyst license with Android rooting add-on.
  • Added support for Amazon browserfor Amazon Kindle Fire. It displays the visited pages as well as cached data. Available in Analyst license with Android rooting add-on.
  • Added support for Quickoffice for AmazonKindle Fire. It shows the account details as well as uploaded files. Available in Analyst license with Android rooting add-on.
  • Timeline. Added support for Applications with geo coordinateson Geo data tab.
  • Messages, Event Log. Added support for messages and calls recovery for already extracted devices and uploaded backups.
  • Messages, Event Log. Improved support for messages and calls recovery for iOS devices.
  • Web Connections and Location Services. Improved receiving of geo coordinates.
  • Added showing Blackberry device model after .ipd and .bbb backups extraction.
  • Key Evidence. Added text showing for Nokia phones tasks.
  • Applications. Optimized system resources use in Applications section.
  • Applications. Small interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • Applications. Fixed problem when a different quantity of files was exported from Device Extraction Wizard and Oxygen Forensic® Suite.
  • General. Fixed problem that appeared after closing the program.
  • Messages. Fixed Stack overflow problem that appeared after sorting in the section.
  • Messages. Fixed problem when sorting was case sensitive.
  • Messages. Fixed Quick filter work for Time Stamp and Text columns.
  • Connection. Fixed Android OS 4.0 devices connection issue.
  • Key Evidence. Fixed problem when File browser items from Chinese MTK chipset based phones with paths in Chinese disappeared from Key Evidence after restart.
  • Export. Fixed problem that occurred during graphic files export.

Stay tuned to smartphone forensics with Oxygen Software! Stay tuned to success!