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Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer v.2.3 introduces deleted data recovery from WAL files

Oxygen Forensics, Inc. announces Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer v.2.3 today. This version introduces deleted data analysis from WAL (Write-Ahead-Logging) files, allows to view table structure and set personal column aliases for more convenient analysis. Also in this version: filtering deleted data by text and offset, two new report formats: table XLS and table HTML and ability to set custom CSV export delimiter.

All registered customers may download the new version immediately from their personal customer's area.

New in Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer v.2.3:

  • Added display of free blocks and recovered records from WAL (Write-Ahead-Logging) files. It enables forensic experts to find even more deleted records in SQLite databases.
  • Added table structure tab that allows users to see the structure of all the tables in the opened SQLite database. 
  • Added opportunity to export table structure to files. The function is available in Options button menu.
  • Added opportunity to change the column aliases in the SQLite database tables. Custom column names are saved between program sessions. 
  • Added data filter in All Deleted Data view mode. It allows to conveniently search for restored records in blocks containing deleted data. 
  • Added filtering by offset values. 
  • Added opportunity to generate data reports in table XLS and table HTML formats. 
  • Added opportunity to select a field delimiter for CSV export. The function is available in Options button menu.
  • Small interface and performance improvements. 

Watch  'Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer In Brief' video.

Trial version is available for immediate download.

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