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Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014 6.3 Adds New Acquisition Methods for Android Devices

Oxygen Forensics, Inc. updates its flagship mobile forensic product, Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014, to version 6.3, introducing new physical dumping method and enhanced logical extraction of Android OS devices! This version will also recover more deleted data and allow analyzing group chat activities in Social Graph. New route construction feature helps experts to visualize device owner movements on the map. New version supports more than 8200 devices and 300+ apps. 

All registered customers may download the new version immediately from their personal customer area.

New in Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014 v.6.3:

  • Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Added data extraction via alternative physical dumping method from MTK (MediaTek chipset) Android devices. This method allows to bypass lock screen and requires no rooting to get full access to the device data. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. New approach to logical data acquisition from Android OS devices. Now two joint extraction methods (Android backup procedure and OxyAgent utility) allow forensic experts to get a complete set of data. If Android backup method lacks some data the program will automatically acquire it with OxyAgent. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer. Added processing and display of free blocks from WAL (Write-Ahead-Logging) files. It allows to find even more recovered deleted records in SQLite databases. 
  • Social Graph. Added state-of-the-art visualization of group communications from most popular applications: Kik Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber and many others. Forensic experts can conveniently analyze social links and communication statistics within groups that are now shown on the Graph. 
  • Social Graph. Added Graph settings panel to the left sidebar. New panel allows to conveniently configure all settings in one place: view common or all contacts for a case, show group communications or hide them, display all contacts or those that have communications only, etc.
  • Social Graph. New Options menu item allows showing all contacts photos on the graph. Previously photos were shown for a focused contact only. 
  • Aggregated Contacts. Added ability to view communication groups in the section grid. Now not only contacts but communication groups created by users in the most popular applications are shown. Contacts and/or groups view can be selected in the filter on the right panel. 
  • Timeline. Google Maps. Added opportunity to create routes on maps according to the marked geo points. Now forensic experts can easily track the device owner’s way within the specified time period and analyze one or several routes on a single map. 
  • Timeline. Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps. Added “Show information” bottom panel that displays details of the focused coordinate. 
  • Timeline. Added remote party filter to the right-click context menu. 
  • Calendar. Added data extraction from multiple calendars stored on the mobile device or synchronized with Internet. With the filter on the right panel users can filter events by a calendar type: default calendar, Google calendar, Facebook events, national holidays, etc. 
  • Calendar. Added display of event attendees on the left sidebar. 
  • General. Contact card. Added ability to view all communications of the focused contact by clicking on the contact name on the left program sidebar. Contact card is opened with a special Communications tab. 
  • Applications. Productivity. Added user data parsing from K-9 Mail (4.803) for Android OS devices. 
  • Applications. Messengers. Added user data parsing from Xabber (0.9.30b) for Android OS devices. 
  • Applications. Messengers. Added groups data parsing from BlackBerry Messenger for Android OS, BlackBerry 10 and iOS devices. 
  • Applications. Messengers. Updated support for Kik Messenger ( for Android OS devices. 
  • Applications. Messengers. Updated support for WhatsApp (2.11.238) for Android OS devices. 
  • Applications. Messengers. Updated support for Line (3.10.1) for iOS devices. 
  • Applications. Social Networks. Updated support for Twitter  (5.11.0) for Android OS devices. 
  • Applications. Social Networks. Updated support for VKontakte (3.6) for Android OS devices. 
  • Applications. Added opportunity to download all available shared and stored images with one button click on “Download all user pictures”. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer. Accelerated work with large databases. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer. Added Autosize and Columns buttons that allow to show and hide columns (on Blocks containing deleted data tab) and resize them to fit all data. 
  • Device information. Interface and usability improvements: added new data types for device owner information,  simplified fields editing.
  • Messages. Added link to the source file for Windows Phone devices. 
  • Applications. Aggregated Contacts. Small interface and usability improvements. 
  • Added support for 100+ new device models: iPad Air (model A1476/j73ap), iPad mini 2G (model A1491/j87ap), Micromax Canvas Knight, Nokia Lumia 630, Nokia Lumia 635, Nokia Lumia 930, Nokia X, Nokia X+, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE (SGH-N098), Sony Mobile Xperia ZL2 (SOL25), etc. 
  • Added support for iTunes 11.2.2.

Download Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014 v.6.3 Release Notes.

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