Oxygen Forensics

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If your Oxygen Forensic® Suite license expired two or even more years ago, now you have a great chance to get back to Oxygen and still save a lot on renewing it!

As an Oxygen user, you have enjoyed the competitive advantage of the most universal forensic solution covering a wide range of mobile devices running Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and other operating systems.

Now, with this promotion, you’ll get great new features including: 

  • Aggregated Contacts to analyze data from multiple sources such as the Phonebook, Messages, Event Log, Skype, chat and messaging applications.
  • Links and Stats to quickly reveal social connections between users of mobile devices under investigation and their contacts.
  • Social Graph to visualize complex connections inside crime groups.
  • Applications to search for hidden user data in more than 400 most popular applications.
  • Passwords section to examine logins and passwords extracted from default secure storage like keychain database as well as from apps.
  • Global Search to discover user data in every section and file of the device.
  • And even more!

With all of these additions, you don’t need to pay the full price. For only 18-months renewal cost you can get back to life your desperately outdated license. This saves you up to 40% off the regular rate.

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