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Oxygen Forensics releases the new and free Oxygen Forensic® Viewer

Oxygen Forensics releases Oxygen Forensic® Viewer, a stand-alone tool for viewing and sharing information collected with Oxygen Forensic® Suite. Fast, easy and lightweight, Oxygen Forensic® Viewer allows accessing the complete set of evidence, analyzing deleted data, examining suspects’ communications and locating all types of evidence with built-in search.

Oxygen Forensic® Viewer features:

  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer is a new and absolutely free of charge forensic product. Now forensic experts can share data acquired from mobile devices with their remote departments and other authorized personnel. The software allows importing OFB backup files (proprietary Oxygen Forensic® products' archives) and analyzing forensic evidence received from remote experts without having live device at hand or any additional costs involved. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer  enables to view data from more than 9000 supported mobile devices and their images or backups saved to OFB backups in Oxygen Forensic® products. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer displays all mobile device data in a familiar and user friendly interface. Remote experts will now have an access not only to reports generated in other Oxygen Forensic® products  but also to original data such as contacts, messages, calls, calendar events, notes, tasks, files, applications and other forensically important information. 
  • The program shows a full set of user data from 400+ most popular applications: accounts, contacts, private and group chats, shared data, geo coordinates and cache files. 
  • Passwords to application accounts and Wi-Fi hot spots are also available for examination. 
  • The Viewer shows geo-location data from all possible sources (photos, Wi-Fi connections history and applications) to determine what happened, when and where in just a few clicks.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer is able to locate and display information that was previously deleted from a mobile device. The type and amount of available data depends on the particular platform of a mobile device.
  • Easy and fast data filtering engine helps concentrating one’s efforts on what really matters and filtering out distracting, unimportant data. 
  • Extensive search capabilities enable to reveal phone numbers, e-mails, geo coordinates, credit card numbers, hash values, IP or MAC addresses. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer has a recognizable intuitive interface to which the customers got accustomed using other Oxygen Forensic® products. 
  • The product is available to all Oxygen Forensic® Suite Analyst and Oxygen Forensic® Passware® Analyst users in their customer area at no charge. 
  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer is not bound to computer hardware and is compatible with all the latest Windows OS versions.  

Oxygen Forensic® Viewer Release Notes

Stay tuned to smartphone forensics! Stay tuned to success with Oxygen Forensics, Inc!