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Oxygen Forensic® Detective acquires apps data from iCloud!

Oxygen Forensics releases an update to its flagship forensic software, Oxygen Forensic® Detective. The new version enables forensic experts to acquire databases and files that applications store in iCloud. Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.8.5 parses coupons, tickets, boarding passes and other valuable evidence from Wallet app extracted from iCloud. We’ve also added the alternative method of iCloud Drive extraction: it emulates a mobile device and allows to acquire all the files via token. When this method is used the account owner usually does not receive any login notifications. 

The updated Oxygen Forensic® Detective now can export data to XLSX report format and brings some other improvements to the export engine. The latest program version extracts Bluetooth connections history from Android and WP 8 devices and parses data from 2000+ apps versions.

View Oxygen Forensic® Detective release notes.

All registered customers may download the new version immediately from their personal customer area. Updated Oxygen Forensic® Analyst and Oxygen Forensic® Passware Analyst are also available for download.

New in Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.8.5.0:

  • Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor. iCloud Applications. Added the ability to separately extract applications data stored in iCloud: databases, files, settings, etc. The acquired data can be viewed both in iCloud Applications and File Browser sections.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor. iCloud Applications. Added data parsing from Apple Wallet. Experts can now have an access to the information about various coupons, tickets, boarding passes as well as credit and debit cards data used in Apple Pay.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor. Added the alternative method for iCloud Drive extraction. The Device Emulation method allows to use not only credentials but tokens for cloud data acquisition. When this method is used the account owner usually does not receive any login notifications.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Added rooting method for Android OS 4.x-5.1. devices.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Export. Added the ability to select several formats for data export at the same time.
  • Web Connections. Added extraction of Bluetooth connections history from Android and Windows Phone 8 devices.
  • Export. Added data export to XLSX file format.
  • Export. Added the ability to choose how data will be sorted in the report.
  • Export. Added the ability to save files of different types to specified folders: images to Images folder, Videos to Videos one, etc.
  • Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer. Added the ability to convert time stamps from UNIX Epoch Time (micro seconds) to a readable format.
  • Applications. Social Networks. Updated support for Facebook ( for Android devices.
  • Applications. Messengers. Updated support for Line (6.3.1) for iOS devices.
  • Added support for Apple iOS 9.3.3.
  • File Browser. Added the ability to open any file by right-click in Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer.
  • File Browser. Now files are added to Database files tab not only by standard SQLite extension but also by their contents. It allows to show more SQLite database files on the tab.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Improved parsing of EXT2/EXT4 partitions from Android OS device images.  
  • Device Information. Improved extraction of basic device information (IMSI/ICCID) from Android OS devices. 

Stay tuned to smartphone forensics! Stay tuned to success with Oxygen Forensics, Inc!