Oxygen Forensics

Completely redesigned Oxygen Forensic® Suite 5.0 Just Before the End of the World

The end of the Mayan calendar predicts the END OF THE WORLD! While everyone’s preparing to celebrate the end of the world, we’re preparing a product to help forensic experts handle the afterparty. Only the Mayans know whether or not the world comes to an end, but rest assured that Oxygen Forensic® Suite 5.0 will be born no matter what.

End of the world or not, but if you are one of those who serves and protects, you want to be prepared by getting yourself the best, newest edition of Oxygen Forensic® Suite so far, the newly released version 5.0.

The new release will come with a brand-new rooting method for those Android 4.x devices, allowing investigators to extract much more evidence than with any other solution. With more than 6300 different models supported including iPad 4, iPad mini, HTC Desire SV, Star Galaxy S3 and many others, version 5.0 will be able to find evidence in whatever mobile is used by the criminals.

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 5.0 will also parse and display data from more than 120 apps including newly added Android OS built-in Email client, MobiStealth Lite for iOS devices, ICQ Messenger, Kakao Talk Messenger, Zello and many more.

You often don’t have much time to work on each incident. We anticipated that, and improved a lot of things in Oxygen Forensic® Suite 5.0 to make your work faster and more efficient. Re-worked desktop, simplified navigation, cleaner presentation and better fit for general information improve usage experience and speed up your work. Enhanced search capabilities allow finding data faster by discovering exact phrases or set of words. And finally a re-worked PDF export engine allows producing reports in newly defined Card View, making the reports even easier to review.

Are you still preparing for the end-of-the-world party? We’re not! We’re doing the final tests, getting the completely redesigned Oxygen Forensic® Suite 5.0 ready Just Before the End of the World.