Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 Offers Significantly Enhanced Evidence Searching, Becomes Faster and Easier than Ever

Oxygen Software announces a major upgrade to its flagship mobile forensic product, Oxygen Forensic® Suite. Version 5.0 of Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 introduces significantly improved global search capabilities allowing investigators finding many types of evidence located in multiple devices with a single search. In addition, the update brings an all-new look to its main desktop, accommodating for larger screens and multiple-display configuration with the choice of icons in multiple sizes. Other new features include simplified navigation and Card View PDF export.

The new release of Oxygen’s flagship forensic tool is more powerful and easier to use than ever, offering a range of enhancements over the previous 2012 release. The new product brings in some greatly extended global search capabilities, offers simpler navigation and becomes easier to use in high-resolution and multiple display configurations. A new Card View option is added to PDF export engine to allow for cleaner, simpler reports.

Enhanced Global Search

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 v.5.0 takes searching capabilities to a whole new level, introducing multiple additional types of searches compared to the earlier release. With version 5.0, investigators will be able to search the entire database of devices for exact matches, run loose searches with OR and AND logical operators, and search all data sources for specific types of information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers and geo coordinates. The new and improved search capabilities make locating evidence faster and easier.

New Reporting with New PDF Export Option

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 adds a new PDF export option, allowing PDF reports to be saved in Card View mode. The new Card View more offers cleaner and more convenient data representation. The new mode can be enabled or disabled individually in each section’s Report settings.

The added exporting mode makes PDF reports look cleaner and much easier on the eye. The new reports make it much easier to switch between different sections, and make different persons and their contact information appear in a more prominent distinct manner. Overall, the new reporting mode offers a sharp, concise and distinct view on acquired evidence both on paper and on the display.

Improved Desktop

In year 2013, many forensic specialists are already using big-screen displays or multiple display configurations. Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 can now make use of the extra space by offering the choice of different view modes. The three view modes allow achieving better representation with the user’s screen size and resolution as well as display configuration.

Simplified Navigation

Several frequently used functions such as “Search”, “Key Evidence” and “Communication statistics” are now moved from tabs to sections list and can now be applied to the entire case.