Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 Adds Support for Windows Phone 8, YouTube, New Apps and Devices

Oxygen Software updates its flagship mobile forensic product, Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013, boosting the number of supported devices and mobile apps. The new release gains the ability to acquire and analyze Windows Phone 8 devices, enables support for more than 200 additional devices and supports recent Apple iOS versions including iOS 6.1 and 6.1.2, adds support for a number of communication and multimedia apps such as Fring, QIP and YouTube, and includes a new graphical chart is added to the user interface, enabling forensic experts to easily analyze activities of a single contact or a group of contacts within any period of time.

Acquiring Windows Phone 8 Devices, New iOS Versions Boosts Number of Supported Devices to 6500

The new release of Oxygen’s flagship forensic tool allows forensic experts to acquire and analyze mobile devices based on the new Windows Phone 8 OS, Microsoft’s new mobile OS which occupies a growing mobile market share. A convenient extraction method is now available, enabling investigators to extract all media content from the device including Microsoft Office documents, images complete with tags and geolocation information.

The updated Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 also adds forensic support for the most recent versions of Apple iOS and iTunes including iOS 6.1, 6.1.2 and iTunes 11.0.2. The new release further expands the number of supported mobile devices by adding support for more than 200 new models including Alcatel One Touch OT-992D, Pantech P9090, Samsung GT-B9388, Sony Xperia E C1505, ZTE V790, and many others. The new release boosts the number of supported models to over 6500.

10 New Communication, Productivity and Multimedia Apps Supported

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 now supports a number of popular applications used for instant messaging, productivity and entertainment. Fring, Line and QIP messengers for Android OS are now supported along with Springpad and Catch productivity applications for iOS and Android OS.

A new Multimedia group with two new applications is added, listing supported entertainment apps. The new group contains YouTube (iOS and Android OS) and Hide it Pro (iOS) applications. YouTube support allows finding out recently watched videos, access cached searches and account details.

Performance and Usability Enhancements

A new graphical chart is available to display user activities for the selected periods of time. The chart allows grouping events over different time intervals (from one second to one year) and filtering them by various parameters. The chart enables forensic experts to easily analyze detailed activities of a single contact or group of contacts at a glance.

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 deals with huge amounts of information, making the need for faster processing algorithms an urgent necessity. The new release is thoroughly optimized, adding the much needed performance to several frequently used modules.