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Updated Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 Helps Solve Gang Offences, Analyzes Interactions among Multiple Mobile Users

Oxygen Software updates Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012, the company’s flagship mobile forensic tool, offering investigators the ability to analyze interactions among users of multiple seized mobile phones. The new feature builds and displays a Communication Statistics diagram with a chart for multiple devices, clearly visualizing connections between the phones’ users. Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 analyzes information obtained from phones’ address books, call logs, applications and messages. By discovering and displaying matching records, Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 provides investigators with at-a-glance view of various interactions among the users of different mobile devices, helping forensic specialists to discover connections between the users in just a few clicks.

In addition, the latest release of Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 introduces support for two popular Russian social networks, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. By accessing account details for the two social networks, Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 offers forensic specialists access to user messages, friends lists, chats, connections, communications, geo data, uploaded pictures and other information shared in VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

Investigating Gang Offences with Enhanced Communication Statistics

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 enhances the Communication Statistics section with the addition of a new feature allowing investigators to analyze interactions occurring among users of multiple mobile devices. The new feature matches records extracted from devices’ phone and address books, building a visual chart displaying who contacted whom, when, and how often. The enhanced Communication Statistics allows investigators quickly review suspects’ communications with users of other mobile devices, discovering hidden connections and visualizing communications among groups of suspects.

“The ability to analyze all things in common across multiple devices was one of the most highly demanded by our customers”, says Oleg Fedorov, Oxygen Software CEO. “We’re now able to clearly visualize communications, shared contacts, social connections and other interactions among users of multiple mobile devices, allowing forensic specialists investigate criminal activities performed by organized groups”.

Communication Statistics is available in the Analyst edition, and works for all supported phone models. Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 obtains information about user interactions from multiple sources, including phone and address books, call logs, messages, as well as connections and communications occurring in numerous built-in and third-party apps.

New Social Networks

The latest release of Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 adds support for two major Russian social networks, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. Crime has no borders; these social networks are popular throughout the world, storing valuable personal information, bios, connections and interactions among its members. The updated Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 can now gather information from these social networks, obtaining messages, friends’ lists, chat logs, connections, communications, geo data and other information available in user accounts.

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