Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensic® Detective 9.4 Goes All In for Android Device Capabilities

Alexandria, VA – June 08, 2017 - Oxygen Forensics, a worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, is going all in on Android devices by adding Samsung cloud extraction capabilities for its flagship product, Oxygen Forensic® Detective 9.4, and through a partnership with Passware, Inc. to overcome data encryption on Android devices.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective 9.4

Available today, Oxygen Forensic® Detective 9.4 adds support for data extraction from Samsung cloud for all Samsung Galaxy devices allowing experts to extract data from the most popular smartphone brand in the world even if the device is lost or damaged. The added focus on Samsung cloud data extraction allows forensic experts the ability to gain access to account details, device list, contacts, calls, messages, notes and browser data saved on any Samsung Galaxy device.

Another feature addition for Detective 9.4 is Oxygen Forensic®® Cloud Extractor, which added the ability to decrypt WhatsApp backup from Google Drive without an encryption key from the device.

Oxygen’s Partnership with Passware, Inc. Breaks Android Encryption

Since Android users can choose to encrypt the data on their devices, Oxygen together with Passware brings new solution to the experts allowing them to overcome Android’s full disc encryption and gain direct access to complete user data (such as photos, correspondence and apps data) even if the information was previously deleted from the app or if the app was deleted and no longer on the mobile device.

“Because Android devices dominate the marketplace all over the world and will reach a 90 percent share of the smartphone market by the end of this year, we know it’s critical that we keep our product development on the cutting edge with the latest in Android device data extraction,” said Lee Reiber, Oxygen Forensics COO. “Partnering with Passware, Inc. is just a great business decision and offers our customers added capabilities for breaking through the data encryption on Android devices to help solve crimes under extreme time constraints.”

"Inability to access locked or password-protected mobile devices may delay or altogether halt investigations" - said Dmitry Sumin, president, Passware, Inc. "To make a great change on this we partner with Oxygen Forensics to provide experts with the most complete and up-to-date password recovery and decryption solutions for Android devices."