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Oxygen Forensic® Detective X Launches with New WhatsApp Extraction Features

Alexandria, VA – November 16, 2017Oxygen Forensics, a worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices, cloud services and drones, today announced that its new flagship product, Oxygen Forensic®® Detective X (version 10), which contains the industry-leading Oxygen Forensic®® Cloud Extractor, has added new WhatsApp extraction features.

Advanced WhatsApp Extractions

Oxygen Forensic® Detective X has added two industry-first features in the algorithm of WhatsApp data extraction, including:

  • WhatsApp backups decryption with 2-step verification - This verification is an optional feature that added to provide better security to the account. When enabled, any attempt to verify the phone number on a WhatsApp account needs to be accompanied by the six-digit PIN created by the user. The new Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor offers either the opportunity to enter the PIN (if it’s known) or several methods to deactivate it.
  • Unique WhatsApp data from the server – Oxygen Forensics has added a special WhatsApp Cloud service that allows forensics experts to acquire undelivered messages, unanswered calls and information about groups and contacts directly from the WhatsApp server. This service is useful in specific cases with damaged or locked devices. When forensic experts use the WhatsApp Cloud service, they can even obtain access to the WhatsApp server without the phone.

“Since the middle of this year, we’ve been able to decrypt WhatsApp backups from Google Drive without an encryption key from the device. For the Oxygen Forensic® Detective X release, our team has been strategically focused on supporting investigations by continuing to provide industry firsts such as WhatsApp extractions,” said Lee Reiber, COO, Oxygen Forensics, Inc. “With Oxygen’s Cloud Extractor, we can now decrypt devices with 2-step verification, and acquire data from the WhatsApp server. Both were greatly needed to keep pace with 3rd party mobile apps – and are more industry firsts.”

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