Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 Adds Network Licensing for Greater Savings

Oxygen Software introduces a new license type to Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2013 v.5.0, allowing organizations to save on licenses by sharing access to Oxygen Forensic® Suite over the network. With the new Network License, Oxygen charges  only for the number of licenses that are about to be used simultaneously – and not for the number of PCs the forensic suite gets installed to. The new license type will present greater savings to small, medium-sized and large organizations.


Completely redesigned Oxygen Forensic® Suite 5.0 Just Before the End of the World

The end of the Mayan calendar predicts the END OF THE WORLD! While everyone’s preparing to celebrate the end of the world, we’re preparing a product to help forensic experts handle the afterparty. Only the Mayans know whether or not the world comes to an end, but rest assured that Oxygen Forensic® Suite 5.0 will be born no matter what.


Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 Adds Chrome, Dolphin and LinkedIn Support, Parses WAL Data

Oxygen Software updates Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012, the company’s flagship mobile forensic tool, adding forensic support for more applications. The newest release adds support for Google Chrome and Dolphin Web browsers as well as LinkedIn support. In addition, the new release of Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2012 adds the ability to parse WAL files storing temporarily caches of mobile devices’ major databases.