Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Forensics

 Intro to UAS Syllabus

In this course we look at what information you can gather from UAS and how it can be used in today’s investigations.  Also, students will be exposed to the various UAS they may come across at today’s digital crime scene. UAS can be defined as systems containing a vehicle, controller, and any other complimentary device.  These systems are one of the largest growing hobbyist activity in recent years. With the millions of devices available in the US along You will eventually come across one in an investigation, whether it has crashed and caused injuries, was carrying contraband, or any other illegal activity including invasion of privacy. 

In this course students will be exposed to terminology related to UAS, and to what valuable data is available from the various storage points. This data could include determining the home location of the system or simply the route the device took during a specific period.  The student will walk away with a better understanding of the system and the massive amount of information that can be stored and collected from this emerging threat.

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