Oxygen Forensics

Cable Set

We care about your expenses. Usually it's much cheaper to obtain all the needed cables at a local market, therefore we do not provide cable set with Oxygen Forensic® products.

Oxygen Forensic® products support original as well as 3rd party cables and Bluetooth adapters, so you even can use your existing cables or cable sets supplied with other mobile forensic tools.

But if required, you can purchase the cable set from us. The package covers the majority of phone models supported by Oxygen Forensic® products and contains:

  • Apple Lightening USB 
  • Apple USB
  • Micro USB
  • Micro USB Type C 3.0
  • Mini USB
  • Nokia DKU-2/CA-53
  • Samsung PC220/D800
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Sony Ericsson DCU-60/DCU-65
  • Bluetooth USB 4.0
  • Samsung Download Jig
  • SD/TF card reader (USB 3.0 read only) 
  • ACR38T SIM card reader 
  • ACR38T SIM reader adapters 
  • Charger USB 5V 2A 

Cable set contents can be changed with corresponding replacements. Product parameters are subject to change without notice.

Delivery takes from 2 days to 2 weeks. 

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