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We have heard of the massive price increase from other competitive product manufactures, some as much as a 75%.  With today's shrinking budgets in not only the law enforcement community but in all #DFIR markets these increases are for one reason, company greed.  Often, you will hear companies explain this is to cover the research and development (R/D) costs to produce innovative new concepts and workflows.  We at Oxygen Forensics, Inc. have been industry leaders in both mobile device extraction, cloud support, UAS, and IoT devices.  We just launched a world leading parsing platform in Oxygen Forensic® Detective called Jet Engine that cuts processing in half of any tool available.  All these innovations and firsts have come without an increase in price!  We care about our customers and want to put a tool into their hands and give them the training they need to make this world a safer place. 

Oxygen Forensic Training Bundle

Get certified with a solution you can afford to keep for the long haul. What is a tool or certification good for if you cant afford to maintain the solution?  With the Oxygen Forensic Training Bundle you can receive our flagship Oxygen Forensic® Detective with built in:

  • support for over 25000 mobile devices,
  • 450 unique applications,
  • over 60 cloud services,
  • UAS extraction and decoding,
  • IoT and smartwatch support,
  • analytics,
  • timeline support,
  • mapping of geo-data,
  • multi-device simultaneous extraction,
  • password brute force and decryption,
  • app data decryption and parsing,
  • cross case searching,
  • User credential collection from PCs
  • cutting-edge screen lock bypass methods
  • so much more.

Also, as part of the bundle you will be able to select our online or instructor-led training to become a Certified Oxygen Forensic User. The most important part is the price.  You can receive the training and Oxygen Forensic® Detective at over 80% off MSRP. 

Do not get caught up in the continual raise in your software pricing or renewals, come to us so we can get you equipped, trained, and certified on one of the worlds leading software solutions!

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