Oxygen Forensic® Basic Investigator (OFBI)

 Oxygen Forensic Basic Investigator

This course takes a hands-on approach to provide students with foundational concepts and practical skills in Mobile Device Forensics, which can be leveraged to perform forensically sound investigations against crimes involving the most complex mobile devices currently available in the market. Using modern tools and techniques, students will learn how to conduct a structured investigation process to determine the nature of the crime and to produce results that are useful in criminal or civil proceedings. The course will provide a basic walk-through on various phases of the mobile forensics process for both Android and iOS based devices including forensically extracting, collecting, and analyzing, data and producing and disseminating reports. The course goes over all the terminology involved with mobile devices.

Course Objectives

  • Gain knowledge on smart devices
  • Understand the mobile device forensic process
  • Know and recognize the legality of mobile device forensics
  • Gain required knowledge to understand the terminology around mobile devices
  • Understand what data can or cannot be retrieved from mobile devices
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