Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Investigator (OFCI)

 OFCI Syllabus

The OFCI course will look at cloud data and how the many available apps store their data using a cloud service. During the course students will be exposed to information detailing what will be required to access the valuable data that is associated with a user’s cloud account. Many techniques exist for acquiring cloud data; we will look at what the Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extractor, built within Oxygen Forensic Detective can do and how it can be easily brought into your existing cases.

Cloud forensics is arguably one of the most important, controversial, and fastest growing area in digital forensics today.  The storage of a user’s data within a cloud store is not new, but now with the majority of apps using this method examiners must be knowledgeable on properly extracting this information legally.  If examiners are not looking to the cloud for data, they are potentially missing a treasure trove of valuable data.

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