Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensic® Viewer

Oxygen Forensic® Viewer is a stand-alone tool for viewing and sharing information collected with other Oxygen Forensic® products. Oxygen Forensic® Viewer uploads .ofb backups made in Oxygen Forensic® products (f.e. Oxygen Forensic® Detective or Oxygen Forensic® Analyst) and allows accessing the complete set of evidence, analyzing deleted data, examining suspects’ communications and locating all types of evidence with built-in search.

Oxygen Forensic® Viewer features 

  1. Oxygen Forensic® Viewer displays all the device evidence: contacts, messages, calls, calendars, notes, tasks, whole file system, user dictionaries, Wi-Fi connections history, passwords, etc. 
  2. Applications data parsing is one of the best-in-class on the market: account details, contacts, calls, chats, geo data, cached files, logs from 3240+ apps. 
  3. The Viewer helps to uncover deleted records: calls, messages, pictures and more. 
  4. Oxygen Forensic® Viewer offers a convenient work with acquired geo coordinates allowing to receive maps and addresses for them or export them to Google Earth. 
  5. Rich data sorting and filtering capabilities are available in every section of Oxygen Forensic® Viewer. 
  6. Powerful search in every section or through all the device data enables to quickly reveal the required data. 
  7. Oxygen Forensic® Viewer has an easy-to-use interface to which users got accustomed utilizing other Oxygen Forensic® products.  


Oxygen Forensic® Viewer licensing 

A free copy of Oxygen Forensic® Viewer can be downloaded from customer area by registered users of Oxygen Forensic® Analyst and Oxygen Forensic® Detective products. 

The link to the customer area can be found in Service menu of Oxygen Forensic® product. 


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