Oxygen Forensics

Aggregated Contacts

Analyze contacts from multiple sources such as the Phonebook, Messages, Event Log, Skype, chat and messaging applications in Aggregated Contacts. 

Section automatically reveals same people in different sources and groups them together in one meta-contact.

When the contacts have no matches, but forensic expert detected that the contacts in various sources belong to one person, he can manually merge these contacts. Later this contact will be used as a single item for Links and Stats analysis.

Section offers quick filter functionality, convenient data sources filter and sorting for faster analysis.

Preparing and printing reports is easy as in every section of Oxygen Forensic® Suite.

  • Aggregated Contacts
  • Aggregated Contacts. Manual merge
  • Aggregated Contacts. Report
  • Aggregated Contacts. Contact Card
  • Aggregated Contacts. Contact Statistics