Oxygen Forensics

Android Rooting

Rooting a device based on Android OS reveals the complete set of user data to the investigator.

Generally this procedure needs certain knowledge and research, but Oxygen Forensic® Suite helps experts to automate this operation.

Rooting procedure is a part Data Extraction Wizard that guides you through the whole process of gaining the root rights to the device. The important benefit of the proprietary method is that the root access will be revoked immediately after rebooting the device. This method makes rooting and further extraction completely forensic and safe.

Android Rooting add-on grants an access to:

  • Full file system, stored both on internal memory and memory card
  • Application saved data including logins, passwords, history, cache and much more
  • Geo-location information for tracking suspect position in the past
  • Deleted data in database tables

No 100% successful rooting is guaranteed. The procedure is available for the most of Android devices with versions 1.6 - 2.3.4 and 3.0 - 5.1.

  • Physical Acquisition with Rooting
  • Android Rooting
  • Android Rooting
  • Android Rooting Execution
  • Android Rooting. Reading
  • Android Rooting. Success
  • Android Rooting. Complete File System Access