Oxygen Forensics

Web Browsers

Oxygen Forensic® Suite supports all popular Web browsers for Android OS, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS and Symbian OS platforms.

Surfing Internet on a mobile device is ordinary today. Mobile devices of all types offer such an ability to their owners. People search for places and directions, buy goods online, monitor their social network accounts and much more.

Oxygen Forensic® Suite allows investigators to extract and examine data in mobile web browsers (preinstalled as well as 3rd party ones) and analyze user activities over the Internet.

The following data is usually available for analysis:

  • History
  • Cache files
  • Cookies
  • Bookmarks
  • Saved pages and files
  • Search history
  • Saved login and passwords
  • Geolocation

Web browsers offers a variety of features like sorting, filtering, searching entries. Advanced file viewer helps to review cache content in a proper way: play video, sounds, view files in different codepages HEX or Web mode.

  • Amazon browser
  • Default Android Web Browser
  • Atomic Web Browser Lite
  • Dolphin Browser HD
  • Google Chrome
  • Mercury Web Browser
  • Ninesky Browser
  • UC Browser
  • UC Browser Lite