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Backups Import

Oxygen Forensic® products allow to import and parse data from various device backups and images created by sync software or other forensic products.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective can additionally find passwords that encrypt Apple iOS and Android backups and images.

Supported Apple iOS backups and images: iTunes backup, iCloud backup, non-encrypted Apple DMG image, UFED DMG image, UFED file system backup, UFED Advanced Logical backup, XRY DMG image, decrypted/encrypted Elcomsoft DMG image, decrypted/encrypted Lantern DMG image, Apple tarball backup

Supported Android OS backups and images: Android backup, Android physical/JTAG image, Android file system tarball backup, UFED physical image, UFED Android file system backup, Nandroid backup (CWM, TWRP).

Supported Windows Phone OS backups: Windows Phone 8 JTAG, UFED physical image and My Windows Phone Cloud.

Supported BlackBerry OS backups: BlackBerry IPD, BlackBerry BBB, BlackBerry 10 backup and BlackBerry Chip-Off image.

Supported Nokia backups: Nokia NBU and Nokia MBK.

BlackBerry Backups

BBB and IPD are the Blackberry device backup files made with Blackberry Desktop Manager. These files can be found on a suspect computer or external media like CD, DVD, memory disks and cards etc.

Oxygen Forensic® Suite is able to extract and present forensically important information from backup files and chip-off images. 

iTunes Backup

iTunes backup found on a suspect computer is a regular practice due to the popularity of Apple devices. 

Oxygen Forensic® Suite offers experts an easy way to extract suspects' private data from the iTunes backup files.

Windows Phone Cloud

Smartphone users tend to have a backup copy of their data in the cloud, provided by their device manufacturer or a 3rd party. Windows Phone platform has own storage to securely save users' contacts, messages, application data, settings, files and more.

Oxygen Forensic® Suite is the industry-first forensic software that is able to extract data from My Windows Phone cloud. 

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