Oxygen Forensics

Data Viewers

Various data viewers help experts to analyze extracted data in a convenient way.

Oxygen Forensic® software has built-in HEX-viewer, picture viewer, music and video players, text viewer with code page converter, HTML, SQLite and Plist Viewers. 

Modern mobile devices create numerous number of files during their life cycle. The very basic tool to open them is HEX viewer that will allow analyzing data in a raw manner. Built-in HEX viewer in Oxygen Forensic® software allows experts to search data, make bytes conversions of the selected parts, save files on disk.

In case of multimedia files it is convenient to use built-in media player that will allow to play recorded video and voice messages, and view camera shots. Additionally, forensic experts can view EXIF information and Geo-data if they are available.

For text documents and saved or cached web pages Oxygen Forensic® software offers text viewer with code page setup and safe web browser.

SQLite Viewer

SQLite Viewer allows to explore the database files with the following extensions: .sqlite, .sqlite3, .sqlitedb, .db, .db3.

Experts have the access to the actual and deleted data stored in databases created by system and user applications.

Plist Viewer

Plist files, known as Property List XML Files, contain a lot of valuable forensic information in Apple devices. Browser history, Wi-Fi access points, speed dials, Bluetooth settings, global applications settings, Apple Store settings and even more data can be extracted from .plist files.

  • HEX Viewer with in-place converter
  • Media, Geo and Exif Viewers
  • Text viewer and decoder
  • HTML Viewer