Oxygen Forensics


Dictionaries section shows all the words ever entered in device messages, notes and calendar.

These are not words from the device system dictionary, they are from unique user dictionary that is created by device owners when using it.

Dictionaries section main features:

  • View all words entered by a suspect
  • Reveal passwords
  • Phrase simulation
  • Choose certain language on demand
  • Find out each word usage frequency
  • Reveal the order words were used
  • Filter words by language
  • Export and print selected items

Dictionaries section provides a list of words entered by a suspect. Forensic expert can determine the order that the words appeared, how often the word was used, filter and reorder the words in the list.

Phrase simulation feature is a highly valuable tool for an expert. Using it he can suppose the phrases that the suspect typed. This can be a password, address, or even a deleted message.

  • Dictionaries
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