Oxygen Forensics

Key Evidence

Key Evidence section offers a clean, uncluttered view of evidence marked as essential by investigators.

Forensic specialists can mark certain items belonging to various sections as being essential evidence, then review them all at once regardless of their original location.

Key Evidence is an aggregated view that can display selected items from Phonebook, Calendar, Messages, Camera shots, Web Connections, Applications, as well as other sections available in Oxygen Forensic® software. The section offers the ability to review relevant information at a single glance, concentrating one’s efforts on what really matters and filtering out distracting, unimportant data.

Forensic examiners are able to sort, filter and group data for the best viewing results. Tagging and notes makes Key Evidence section even more convenient to use.

Oxygen Forensic® software is the only one cell phone forensics software that allows investigator to browse all important data in one place.

  • Key Evidence
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