Oxygen Forensics

Links and Stats

Quickly reveal social connections between users of mobile devices under investigation and their contacts.

Links and Stats section provides a convenient tool to explore social connections between device users by analyzing calls and all types of communications in standard and third-party applications.

Diagram view with a graphical chart presents a quick overlook of communication circles, allowing forensic experts to determine and analyze suspects’ communications with all details at a glance.

Switching to the table view offers in-depth analysis of the device user’s communication including all contacts, phone numbers, and remote parties. Along with communication duration it produces a concise summary of the forensically important data.

Oxygen Forensic® software offers investigators the ability to analyze interactions among users of multiple seized mobile devices. The feature builds and displays a Links and Stats diagram with a chart for multiple devices, clearly visualizing connections between the phones’ users.

  • Links and Stats. Diagram. Group View
  • Links and Stats. Communications Chart
  • Links and Stats. Contact Communications
  • Links and Stats. Direct Links
  • Links and Stats. Table View