Oxygen Forensics


Passwords section displays logins and passwords extracted from default secure storage like keychain database.

Applications files can also contain this valuable data. Oxygen Forensic® products can parse them for it and displays nearby. 

Password recovery is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices.

In Apple iOS devices including iPhone and iPad, sensitive information is stored in the keychain. The keychain provides means to securely store data such as passwords to email accounts, Web sites and certain third-party software, as well as other private, financial and sensitive data.

The content is stored securely encrypted with device-specific hardware keys that are unique to each individual device. Oxygen Forensic® Suite adds the ability to access protected content stored in the keychain, extracting and displaying user passwords.

More passwords are hidden in applications files. Passwords section also extracts this data and displays passwords from applications at one place.

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