Oxygen Forensics

Global Search

Global Search allows discovering user data in every section of the device.

Tool offers searching for text, phone numbers, emails, geo coordinates, IP addresses, MAC addresses, Credit Card numbers. Regular expressions library is available for more custom search.

Forensic experts can search data in a single device, all devices of the case, or all acquired devices. They can choose the sections where to search the query, apply boolean terms, or chose any of predefined patterns.

Keyword list manager allows creating custom set of terms and perform search for all these terms at once. For example, these can be the lists of names or the set of offensive words and phrases. 

Global Search tool saves all results and offers printing and preparing reports for any number of searches. 

  • Search
  • Search. Keywords Manager
  • Search. Phone Numbers
  • Search. Emails
  • Search. Geo Coordinates
  • Search. MAC Address
  • Search. IP Address
  • Search. Regular Expressions
  • Search. Report