Oxygen Forensics

Social Graph

Social Graph visualizes complex connections inside crime groups.

This is a highly adjustable workplace that allows forensic experts to review connections between mobile device owners and their contacts, pinpoint connections between multiple device owners, and detect their common contacts.

Oxygen Forensic® Suite builds Social Graph basing on communication activity of device owners. The graph is not static, experts are free to manipulate the way it looks like by moving, hiding and merging contacts.

Investigator can also change the date range to reveal most popular connections in a certain period of time or/and set the minimum number of connections for the contacts to be displayed.

Social Graph contains information about each displayed owner and contact like preferable types of communication, the first and the last date of communications, total time spent in talk and number of messages sent each other.

Additionally, forensic expert can the change layout of the graph using mouse and keyboard shortcuts, view it in full-screen mode, save to a file for future reports.


  • Social Graph. Default view
  • Social Graph. Owner connections
  • Social Graph. Common Contact
  • Social Graph. Star view
  • Social Graph. Circle View