Oxygen Forensics


Oxygen Forensic® software can detect spyware apps installed on Android and Apple devices, discover and process their logs and configuration files.

The very presence of spyware on the phone can mean the phone user’s activities were monitored, and the phone user has been watched for a certain period of time, with some third-party being well aware of the person’s traveling and communication activities.

Spyware products collect, record and transfer essential information about routine activities of the phone user. Information retrieved from log files created by spyware applications may include application configuration data, the list of running services, application user name, sometimes accompanied with a unique code allowing to detect the app, Cell ID used at the time of data transmission, and GPS logs accompanied with Geo-coordinates and a timestamp. By analyzing spyware logs, forensic specialists may gain access to additional information that could be used at the time of investigation.

  • FlexiSpy Configuration
  • FlexiSpy Logs
  • Mobile Spy Configuration
  • Mobile Spy GPS log
  • Mobistealth Configuration
  • Mobistealth logs
  • eBlaster Mobile