Oxygen Forensics


Timeline allows to view all facts of mobile device usage in one sorted list. 

This section organizes all calls, messages, calendar events, geo data and applications activities in chronological way, so you can easily follow the conversation history without the need to switch between different sections.

Timeline is available for a single device and for all devices belonging to a case, revealing the complete event list occurred. 

Forensic examiners will be able to sort, filter and group phone activity list by dates, people specific phone numbers and geo data activity.

A graphical chart is available to display user activities for selected periods of time. The chart allows grouping all possible mobile device events over different time intervals (from one second to one year) and filtering them by various parameters. 

The chart enables forensic experts to easily analyze detailed activities of a single contact or group of contacts at a glance.

Printing and exporting data in popular formats is also available in Timeline section.

  • Timeline. Contact
  • Timeline. Date
  • Timeline. List
  • Timeline. Geo Data
  • Timeline. Report
  • Timeline. Most active dates
  • Timeline. Group activity
  • Timeline. Activity Matrix