Oxygen Forensics

Data Scout

Data Scout retrieves subscriber data from any extracted phone number. It interacts with online lookup services to gather intelligence information of collected phone numbers from mobile device extractions.

The use of Data Scout feature is very simple:

  • Enter proper service credentials.
  • Extract live device or import backup in Oxygen Forensic® Detective.
  • Go to any program section that stores phone numbers and press Data Scout button on the toolbar to initiate a batch lookup.
  • You will be immediately provided with live subscriber information associated with the phone number including address, phone carrier, and other available data.

The Data Scout feature currently uses the Whooster service and a subscription must be purchased with Whooster prior to enabling the Data Scout feature. Once your service credentials are received they can be entered into Oxygen Forensic® Detective, and the feature then becomes active.

The service covers the US territory and is available to US law enforcement only.

  • Retrieved information