Oxygen Forensics

Drones Acquisition

Oxygen Forensic® Detective currently offers the most verbose drone data parsing and analysis from physical dumps, drone logs and mobile applications.

There are over 770,000 registered drones in the United States alone and much more all over the world.With the ability of drones to video, photograph, and even transport material it is no wonder law enforcement is rushing to obtain valuable digital data from them. 

This data contains not only images and videos but routes the device has been on from where it started to where it finished. Furthermore, data from these devices can show altitude, a direction of travel, speed, rotor speed, and even facial recognition data!  

Oxygen Forensic® Detective can import drone physical dumps and parse GPS locations showing valuable route data to the examiner all within Timeline section. Geo coordinates can be visualized in the built-in Oxygen Forensic® Maps. The examiner can also analyze the meta-data like speed, direction, and more.  

The software also allows to import drone log .dat files directly into Oxygen Forensic® Maps to visualize locations and track a drone route. 

Finally data parsing from drone applications is available from iOS and Android devices. Forensic experts can decode drone images, their time stamps, locations and lots of other valuable data.