Oxygen Forensics

Android Jet-Imager™

Oxygen Forensics has made a partnership with the MITRE Corporation to deliver the fastest extraction method for Android devices.

Thanks to the Jet-Imager module Android devices are acquired many times faster than the previous methods allowed. That’s huge for time savings! 

The Jet-Imager module allows to create full physical dumps from Android devices on average up to 25% faster. The extraction speed depends on how much data the device has. For example, 16GB can be extracted in 5-7 minutes, 32Gb – in 8-10 minutes. 

Currently there are two extraction methods in the Jet-Imager module: 

    • physical extraction via custom forensic recovery 
    • physical extraction of pre-rooted devices 

The list of compatible methods is growing. 

The module has export restrictions. Please contact our sales department for more information.