Oxygen Forensics

Locked Samsung devices acquisition

Oxygen Forensic® Detective offers an advanced physical method for Samsung Android devices via forensic custom recovery function. The approach covers the latest Samsung devices based on Android OS. This creative method allows the examiner to bypass any screen lock password to create a full physical dump from supported devices.

Physical extraction of locked devices

Using this new physical bypass method is easy. Simply select Samsung Android dump option after launching our automated Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. Follow the detailed instructions in our wizard, and choose your device model from supplied list. The program will load our custom forensic recovery image onto the device. This method can void the original Samsung warranty by adding the custom forensic recovery, but system and user data are not affected by this forensic process. This innovative method currently works with devices with unlocked bootloaders.

If forensic custom recovery method is used together with the Jet-Imager module forensic experts have a chance to create a full physical dump at the unprecedented speed of 5-10 minutes. 

Oxygen Forensic® Detective also offers the ability to find the encryption key for the user partition of Samsung dumps created via custom recovery method. 

Once the full physical dump is created and parsed you will be able to view the most complete evidence set including: contacts, messages, calls, calendar, photos, videos, files, application data, passwords and deleted records.