Oxygen Forensics

Locked Motorola devices acquisition

Oxygen Forensic® Detective introduces the breakthrough technology to extract data from password-locked Motorola devices running Android OS. This innovative approach covers the latest Motorola devices released after the year 2015, like Moto X Pure, Moto G 3rd gen and Moto G 5th gen.

The method allows you to bypass any screen lock password, locked bootloader and installed FRP and gain access to the crucial evidence including applications data and deleted records. The data extraction from Motorola devices is performed automatically with a few manual manipulations on the examined device. Oxygen Forensic® Detective uploads a Fastboot image into the device that must be switched into Fastboot Flash mode. The method does not affect any user data. Physical extraction is done by using Jet Imager, the latest technology in extracting data from Android devices that allows to pull out the data on average in several minutes. 

Physical extraction of locked devices