Oxygen Forensics

Screen Lock Disabler

With locked devices being a top forensic problem we are doing our best to invent new methods to recover digital evidence even in the most challenging cases.

Screen Lock Disabler

Screen Lock Disabler allows to disable user lock code on LG devices based on Android OS and get access to the critical data. The procedure takes several minutes and requires no special knowledge or training. It is enough to have LG United Mobile Driver and regular USB cable for disabling the lock.

How it works:

  1. Connect a USB cable to the PC. Do not attach it to the device.
  2. Switch off the device. Hold VolUp button on the device and attach the USB cable to the device.
  3. When Download message or LG logo appear on the screen (depends on the device model) release VolUp button.
  4. Wait several seconds until the device is in Firmware Update mode. If it is not in the required mode please repeat the procedure from the beginning.

Where to find:

At the moment Screen Lock Disabler is available to Oxygen Forensic® Detective users.