Oxygen Forensics

Starter Features

Device Information

Device information section displays complete technical information about the device. This includes Manufacturer, Retail Model Name, Platform and its revision, IMEI, MAC addresses, IMSI, Serial Number, phone number and any other model specific data.


Phonebook section contains users' contacts with all its data: name, occupation, phone numbers, addresses, emails, notes.

Depending on the device experts gain access to the private information of the contacts, like birthdays, relatives' names and anniversaries. 


Messages section contains users' correspondence including SMS, MMS, Emails, iMessages and other depending on the device type. Recovering deleted messages is available for certain types of devices.

Event log

Event Log section contains users' voice communication: dialed, received and missed calls. Experts find here call time, duration and remote party. Recovering deleted calls is available for certain types of devices.

Calendar & Tasks

The Organizer section displays notes, tasks, and calendar entries created or synchronized by device user.

The set of sub-sections and their features depends on the seized device manufacturer and exact model.

File Browser

File Browser section is a powerful tool to access and analyze user photos, videos, documents and device databases.

Built-in text, hex, multimedia, SQLite, Plist viewers, Geo-location and EXIF extractors help experts to view files and their properties..


When it comes to solving a crime, reports are one of the most important things for the investigator. Popular file formats and ability to export or print the whole set of data or only important parts helps experts to show the result of their work in the best way.