Oxygen Forensics

Calendar & Tasks

The Organizer section displays notes, tasks, and calendar entries created or synchronized by device user.

The set of sub-sections and their features depends on the seized device manufacturer and exact model.

Calendar is the most data-rich part of organizer. Events have text label, location, start date, end date, alarm and recurrence. Notes are the entries with large text fields and time stamp. Tasks are the kind of calendar events that have special Done flag to mark the state of the item.

In Oxygen Forensic® software experts get access to all these types of data in a convenient view. Quick filter and sorting capabilities help to find and analyze data. Special Time Zones tool converts dates to a local or any other time zone.

Forensic experts can mark the items as Key Evidence with one click, report, and print all or selected entries only.


  • Calendar
  • Calendar. Report. Table View
  • Calendar. Report. Card View
  • Notes